Sunday 25 September 2011

TT Striptease

This morning I stripped out the TT, what a satisfying job it was too!

For now I've left the door cards in as you need these to conform with MSA regulations.

New seats and steering wheel are on order as is the Custom Cages weld in roll cage!

Monday 19 September 2011

Donor Audi TT Car arrives!

The Big Day has arrived, we managed to get an 2000 Audit TT (225) from ebay for just 3000 pounds!

It's a bit run down but that's what we wanted as we are upgrading most of the running gear so if it was in tip top condition it would have cost a lot more.

The main thing is it's relatively low mileage at 99K (most are more like 150K for this price), and the engine and gear box are sweet!

The other thing was the interior was Blue which also helped keep the price down as Black sells much better.

Friday 2 September 2011

Anti Roll Bars

Since we will be lowering the TT with race suspension we will also need new ARB's so that they don't hit the drive shafts.

So far the H+H ARB set looks the best:

These are stronger than the OEM ones so will also help reducing the under steer!

Race Haldex

Having read a few posts about the transmission, it looks like we will also need a Haldex upgrade. This is the device that controls how much of the torque is diverted to the rear wheels during acceleration and breaking.

The main difference between the standard Haldex and the race version, apart from a quicker response, is the fact that it keeps the rear wheels connected to the drivetrain during breaking. This not only aids the breaking but also helps balance the car as the rear differential remains connected through braking and acceleration.

for more details see: