Saturday 19 September 2015

TT Testing..

So the first test of the new ‘aero’ TT on track! We managed two hours of testing at Bruntingthorpe and the car was simply awesome! Almost no understeer and a tiny bit of oversteer (which is how I like it) on turn in. The high speed corners felt like the car was glued to the ground like a proper DTM race car!

We just need to get the engine re-mapped since we swapped the ECU for a wideband one with a new Lambda sensor etc.

So new for this test:
Front Splitter, Rear diffuser, brake cooling, induction cooling, bugger radiator with big fans (never went over 90 deg. C, new R888R tyres. BBT Turbo and titanium turbo bolts (which held), 1 degree extra camber and a 1’ toe out.

Can’t wait to race at Donington on the 3rd October!