Tuesday 17 May 2016

Botls and Bushes..

After Cadwell the Titanium manifold/turbo bolts had be bent slightly sideways indicating that the engine was pulling on the exhuast. So it was time to replace the lower engine mount for a poly bush type:

Plus we swapped the titanium bolts for stronger M10 x 80 MARINE Grade Stainless BOLTS (A4/316). The 80mm ones had a longer shank of around 50mm giving more strength around the stress point.

Also the Throttle Body died, it looked like it had got water in it somehow over the years, so we bought a new after market one:

The TT recognised it was a new one and did an automatic Throttle Body alignment..

Finally we also fitted some new front Tarox race pads..

Cadwell Testing

We took the TT to Cadwell for a test run of the new ECU mapping..

Wow what a difference it was revving smoothly right up to the red line and running really cold. In fact the air intake manifold was ice cold after 30mins on track.

I have to say the car is super balanced now and is totally planted around corners – no understeer or oversteer – awesome!

New ECU & Shark Re-map

We recently changed to a wideband ECU and a Beach BuggyTurbos custom hybrid turbo, so a full custom remap was needed. We spent three days down at Shark Performance who have now got the car running beautifully. We have kept the power to around 300 Bhp for now but there is room to go up to possibly 340 Bhp.