Thursday 16 January 2014

TT Milltek 3" race exhaust system

The TT got a new 3" de-cat race exhaust system from Millteksports today!

This was the first of it's kind and our TT was used as the template for more to come - yes you can buy one too!

Not only does this dramatically increase the air flow but it also sounds awesome!

It's also 10Kg lighter than the OEM exhaust!

TT Hood Vents & Pipes

In order to improve the engine cooling we fitted some race Bonnet Vents! We got these from Hood Louvers in the USA

We also fitted a new silicone TIP  Pipe and turbo charge pipe to increase the engine air intake and inter cooler flow.

TT Full Engine Rebuild

In order to cope with the increased power of the new hybrid Turbo from Turbo Dynamics, Protrax Racing (PTR) totally rebuilt the TT engine.

This included a baffled sump and new oil pump
Re-ground and balanced crank shaft
New superteck valves and seats
Mhal Pistons
Farndon Racing Rods
ARP head bolts etc.