Wednesday 14 September 2016

New Custom LED Headlights..

Checkout the new custom LED headlight - lighter and smaller..

Sunday 11 September 2016

New Starter Motor..

The starter motor was getting a bit tired and making some strange noises, so time to fit a new one..

Starts like a dream now :)

Thursday 8 September 2016

Donington Race Sept 2016

Time to hit the track and race at Donington Park with the CSCC New Millennium:

Had a clean race with some good overtaking with Team Mate Mark Neville..

More Mapping @ Shark Performance

Fuelling fixed and running nice and rich now, we were kicking out around 300Bhp  and 425 lb-ft of turque with this test BBT KO4 Hybrid Turbo.

Next Donington with the CSCC New Millennium!