Wednesday 5 August 2015

New TT aero package..

Following a racing incident at Donington where the TT had its face rearranged and arse kicked through no fault of our own! We decided to add an improved aero package to TTRS!

 Since our Milltek exhaust was also damaged we swapped the centre pipe for the spare Milltek one with a centre box and added a jap style back box, this has added around 10dB now peaking at around 96dB and sounding significantly meaner.

Since there was a lot of space now at the rear of the TT we added a rear diffuser.
Also while we were at it we made a removable front splitter (we couldn’t get it off the trailer with it on).

Splitter holding bracket - under the sump.

Removable Splitter

Also since we have had a few problems with the front brake disk overheating we added some brake ducts and also a feed for the air filter.

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Manifold to turbo bolts take 3!

We have had a lot of problems with the manifold to turbo bolts coming loose or stretching..

The original ones that came with the Badger 5 hi-flow Manifold stretched under the excessive heat and load. So we tried some ARP Chromoly bolts which were much stronger. These came loose!

So now we are trying some titanium ones with lock wire..

The key is to not torque them up much at all to allow for the heat expansion..

Fingers crossed.. ( Didn't work!)

Solution : Marine Grade Stainless Steel with a longer shank and less threads!