Monday 15 December 2014

Snetterton - CSCC final race of 2014

The final race of the year was at Snetterton, and after a wet qualifying the race was dry! 

After a few good battles we finished 1st in Class to take the overall season victory for 2014 for the CSCC Modern Classics!

We also raced in the New Millenium race which will be a new class for 2015

Brake upgrade to Tarox!

Whilst the stopping power of the 4 pot Brembo GT Senior kit was good with the fully floating race disks etc. they finally overheated and warped the disks, plus melted the rubber seals etc. 

Time to go even bigger on the brakes and with the advice from the kind people at Tarox UK we have now fitted the Tarox 6 pot calliper kit on the front which also now matches our Tarox rear brake kit.

  Brambo vs Tarox

 Here you can see the difference in the pad surface area

 4 pot vs 6 pot

 Easy acess for changing the pads and bleeding

 Took less than an hour to fit the including new braded lines etc.