Saturday 27 August 2016

New 550cc Injectors..

We have been chasing our tails a bit with the fuelling on the TT for some reason we weren’t getting enough fuel into the cylinders as we expected which was holding the performance back.
We had used bigger 550cc injectors, added a second inline race fuel pump, an upgraded in-tank pump a new race fuel filter, but still it was running too lean?

Maybe it was the Injectors? Since they were all working the same on each cylinder they didn’t appear to be faulty. So the thought was - clogged injectors?

Time to test the injectors..

On removing them I thought I’d double check the serial numbers, and to my surprise they were the wrong ones! We had ordered Bosch 550cc injectors for the TT and we had been sent Bosch Standard upgraded ones at around 260cc (0280158315)– same price, plus they look the same!

     Wrong number!

Explains a lot..

New 550cc (0280158117) fitted today so it’s back to Shark Performance for another Dyno run!

Correct 550cc ones..

Sunday 21 August 2016

New -New Fuel Pump!

Our secondary inline Bosch 044 Fule pump was cavitating - so we fitted an uprated DW65V in-tank pump from Deutchworks to give it some more gas:

All runs much quieter now with no cavitation on the secondary pump..

CSCC Anglesey 2106 - Class Win

A good race at Anglesey with Team Mate Mark Neville. A cheeky Class win in the New Millennium Class!