Friday 11 April 2014

New Hi-Flow Exhaust Manifold

During the final test session at Donington our tinpot exhaust manifold cracked. This was the weakest link since just about everything has had been uprated.

Here's what the old cast iron one looks like:

Apparently this is one of the main flow restrictions on the 1.8T engine.

Here's what the new hi-flow one from Badger 5 looks like made out high quality of cast stainless steel:

This was then ported and matched to the turbo hot side that was also ported:

Here you can see how much smaller the turbo hot side is and also that it's not concentric!

The turbo hot side now ported.

Thanks to Badger 5 for their help and advice and also PTR who worked through the night to get it ready for our next race!

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