Friday 23 May 2014

Bosch 044 Secondary Fuel Pump

Highlighted at our recent dyno testing at Shark Performance it appears that the injectors were wide open at 5000 rpm. This was causing the engine to run lean (not good) and ultimately shut down and loose power, we were using 550cc Bosch uprated injectors so this should happen. Time for a secondary race fuel pump!

It's a bit of an overkill but we went for the industry standard Bosch 044 as used in BTCC race cars etc. on the TT in fits neatly where the fuel filter sits and you can relocate the fuel filter in-line just before the fuel rail.

The secret here is to get a set of adapters from Badger 5 that fit the standard TT fuel connectors!

We also fitted a race fuel filter while we were at it:

 We used a 100A slave relay off the ignition wiring to supply the high current to the pump and heavy duty wiring.

Fuel pump in it's new home. It is quite noisy and would be too loud for a road car but in the tract you can't hear it what with your helmet and all of the other noise!

In our next race @ Silverstone it worked perfectly and had cured the problem!

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  1. Is the origanal pump supplying enough petrol to the slave pump.