Thursday 11 September 2014

Forge Oil Catch Tank

One of the known issues with the 1.8T VAG engine is that is vents excessive oil vapor from the crank case back into the air intake. This oil vapor not only reduces the engine efficiency but slowly clogs up the intercooler etc.
Also if you fill the oil level past 50% on the hatched area on the dip stick this can get really bad!

Recently I slightly overfilled the TT and this resulted in spewing oil out of the crank case vent into the air intake and ultimately killed the MAF and soaked the air filter in think oil - you have been warned!

There is a simple solution and that is an oil catch tank, Forge Motorsport make one specifically for the TT that fits snugly into the engine bay (The shiny silver cylinder):

This helps remove the oil form the air and stores it in the little tank, this will need emptying every now and then, if you are racing after every race weekend.

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  1. Hi. I have some photos for you how my car looks now. Where can i send it