Tuesday 17 May 2016

Botls and Bushes..

After Cadwell the Titanium manifold/turbo bolts had be bent slightly sideways indicating that the engine was pulling on the exhuast. So it was time to replace the lower engine mount for a poly bush type:

Plus we swapped the titanium bolts for stronger M10 x 80 MARINE Grade Stainless BOLTS (A4/316). The 80mm ones had a longer shank of around 50mm giving more strength around the stress point.

Also the Throttle Body died, it looked like it had got water in it somehow over the years, so we bought a new after market one:

The TT recognised it was a new one and did an automatic Throttle Body alignment..

Finally we also fitted some new front Tarox race pads..

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  1. Great Blog! A4 316 is good material for corrosion resistance but not for exhaust manifold bolt. It gets very soft when hot, they will get loose. You need to use heat resistant bolts, OEM bolts are pretty good. For ultimate hot strenght Inconel 718 or similar.