Thursday 26 March 2015

Brake Bias & ABS Pump Removal

We've had a lot of problems with a soft brake pedal which is apparently a common problem on the TT. We changed the brake master cylinder, as the bleed nipples has snapped off, and re-pressure bled the system - still the same..
We cycled the ABS pump using vagcom - still the same..

So we decided to totally remove the ABS system as it was disabled anyway to accommodate the race Haldex unit (fights the ABS as it keeps driving the rear wheels) and fit a brake bias valve so we could control our front rear bias.

So the front brakes get 100% of the brake pressure and the valve can divert a percentage to the rear.

Slight improvement but still more travel than there should be (it used to be rock hard). So the only thing left is the brake servo, apparently these can get damaged if you press the brake pedal to the floor whilst bleeding which I must confess I did once. Another job on the list :)

Update: Whilst cheking the brake boost NRV we found a split hose:

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