Wednesday 25 March 2015

More Front Camber

Whist racing last year it became apparent that we were a little down on front end camber. Looking at some of the faster cars in the corners they had significantly more negative camber:

There's a really good post on TT Suspension here:  TT Suspension
On the stock Audi TT you can get a max of -1 degree of negative camber so some work was needed to get some more. There are various solutions, you can fit adjustable top mounts at around £400 and get a further 1 degree, or fit new modified wishbones for around the same price and get a little more. The thing is we don’t know how much we need yet so we wanted a more cost effective solution. 

Some people cut and shut the wishbones but I didn’t like the sound of that, another solution was to modify the ball joints. Then looking around at the various ball joints available I noticed that the Mk2 Audi TT ball joints were spaced further from the bolt holes and could with a little fettling do the trick!

One of the holes is offset on the MK2 version so we re-drilled it to fit..

 All fitted and we now have -1.7 degrees which is much closer to our -2 degree goal. We also had to reset the tracking and it was all out with the new spacing, so we set it with a little toe out (2' each side) to help the turn in.

All ready for the first race at Donigton with the 750MC



  1. Run the following setup. I have mine this way. Back. 1 dec camber with 0 toe. Front. 4 dec camber with 1mm toe out

  2. More details available on how to modify the Mk2 ball joints to fit the Mk1?

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