Wednesday 25 March 2015

New Turbo and Water Meth

After our end of year strip down we discovered that our Turbo Dynamics Turbo had died, not only had the bearings gone (after two seasons) but the case had cracked too!

Talking with the guys at Badger 5 they recommended we talked with BBT (Beach Buggy Turbos) who have been pioneering the hybrid turbo upgrades for a number of years.  So for 2015 we have decided to go with a BBT turbo with uprated baring and a race optimised turbine wheel etc.

Turbo Features:
BBT Ported K04-0023 Turbine housing
BBT K04 compressor housing
TFSI turbine 44.5mm/50mm
BBT designed 7+7 2283 compressor wheel with ETT
BBT uprated thrust beating/collar
BBT improved O-ring sealed backplated
Step gapped rear seal
BBT uprate 15Psi actuator

Whist we were at it we also removed our trusty hi-flow manifold (that had survived a whole seasons racing with 1000 degree EGTs!) from Badger 5 and sent it back to them for the Gen2 flow splitter upgrade. 

Towards the end of last year we fitted a Water Methanol injection system from Devils Own that not only help the engine run with more consistent power but also lowered the EGT’s to a more acceptable level. 

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